About Us


Haiti Engineering, Inc is a 501c3 Architecture and Engineering Design Group providing professional pre-disaster planning and post disaster recovery professional engineering assistance, to the 2010 earthquake victims of the Island nation of Haiti.

Haiti Engineering, Inc was formed on January 22nd , 2010 by Fallieres Abdallah and myself, Herby Lissade. Approximately 10 days after one of the most cataclysmic natural disasters hit the small island nation of Haiti, it was reported that anywhere from 100,000 to 250,000 people perished in this disaster.

In discussing the disaster with a top manager at my workplace, Randell Iwasaki, he said something that rang so true. He said, “ No one should have to lose their lives to an event that could have been mitigated through existing engineering or technology”.  We are not talking about rocket science here, but techniques that could have been applied at minimal cost, but that is easier said than done.

While we’re not looking to point fingers at anyone, we must acknowledge the fact that if those structures were designed to some sort of earthquake code, the death toll would have been far less.   

The engineers, planners, and others that have come together to form Haiti Engineering, do so for the greater good. We are a nonprofit organization with highly skilled professionals that will donate their time and expertise to assist the people of Haiti. We are not here for the short term, but for the long haul. We are partnering with engineers and other professionals in Haiti to help bring about a positive change. 

 In the end we hope to build some structures, make some recommendations to aid in the rebuilding of the infrastructure of Haiti, and assist where we can. In doing so we hope to not only enrich the lives of those in Haiti, but enrich our own lives as well.

As a Haitian American I ask you to come join us.

~ Herby G. Lissade, P.E. ~

“People get ready there’s a train a coming… All you need is faith”


Please enjoy a music video we put together, with approval from Seal and his record company for us to use