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If you would like to make a donation by check, please send it to:               

Haiti Engineering, Inc. 

C/O Herby Lissade, P.E.

President Haiti Engineering, Inc.

9384 Boulder River Way

Elk Grove, California 95624

We are a 501c3 non profit organization.





Haiti Engineering wishes to thank the following Individuals for making a monetary donation:

Fallieres Abdallah

Srikanth Balasubramanian – Caltrans

Derial Bivens

Spencer Chow

Ferdinand de la Cruz - Caltrans

Edward Davis - Caltrans

Joseph Kesner Guercy

Francisco Gonzalez - Caltrans

Daniel J. Irvine - Caltrans

Mark and Louise Jones – Caltrans retired (Mark)

Herby and Marie Lissade - Caltrans

Ron Longazo – Caltrans

John Rizzardo – Department of Water Resources (former Caltrans employee)

Agustin Rosales - Caltrans

Edda Rosso – Riverside County Transportation Commission (former Caltrans employee)

Jim Sanders – Caltrans retired

Howard A. Schmieder - Caltrans


Because of their efforts we were able to file for our 501c3 status in May.  We are now a certified 501c3 non profit organization  as of June 29th 2010.

We've started the reconstruction of the Carole Oscar home as seen in the Video below.

Our current fund raising effort helped in the rebuilding of two  12' x 12' rooms, used to house at least 2 families. Please check our projects page and read the report.

We recently flew to Haiti with the SESH student group to rebuild the home below.  The students developed plans that were earthquake/hurricane friendly. Below are some pictures of the proposed project. We wish to thank those that donated to this project.





In the picture below, from left to right, you see Ms. Carole Simon, Fallieres Abdallah and Steve Price. One of the destroyed units was Ms. Simons home. Mr. Abdallah and Mr. Price are members of Haiti Engineering making a field review. The location is in Leogane - ground zero of the earthquake. 



The families now live in the rear of the destroyed housing units in the tents you see below. It's almost 1 year since the earthquake and nothing much has changed, except the tents are starting to show the signs of age.






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